Mediation & Conflict Consulting Practitioners

We recruit and vet knowledgeable and skilled conflict consulting practitioners with local, national, and international experience. We match your situation with the most appropriate practitioner. 

Below are some of our core panelists.

Mark Loye

Mark Loye

Owner/Lead Mediator

Mark Loye is the Director of Jefferson County Mediation Services. He has more than 21 years of experience as a professional in the dispute-resolution field in areas such as multi-party environment, land use, business, EEO/workplace, divorce and child custody, real estate, and task force and group facilitation. His educational background includes an undergraduate degree in biology and graduate degrees in ecology and public administration, as well as 420 hours of varied mediation training. He has conducted training seminars in dispute resolution for the federal government, local governments, the U.S. Postal Service, private training organizations and at professional conferences.

Matt Jarvinen


Matthew Jarvinen brings broad experience in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and labor-management relations.  Matt most recently served as the Denver Regional Director of the Federal Labor Relations Authority from 2004 – 2014 (retirement) and was a member of the Senior Executive Service (SES). He exercised program direction and leadership over the Federal labor relations program throughout the geographic jurisdiction of the Denver Region, and spearheaded the Region’s ADR efforts.

Matt is a professional member of the Mediation Association of Colorado (the MAC).  He specializes in workplace and employment disputes. Since 2005, Matt has volunteered as a mediator with the Jefferson County (Colorado) Mediation Services program; twice being recognized as Mediator of the Year for Workplace Cases and once as Mediator of the Year for Divorce and Parenting Cases.  He has mediated hundreds of labor-management, business, community, and domestic relations disputes.

Profile picture of Ozeroff

Antonia Ozeroff


 Toni brings 35 years of combined professional experience as a civil litigation and employment lawyer, human resources/corporate executive and alternative dispute resolution practitioner to her current mediation practice. After years of witnessing the high cost and mostly adverse impact of prolonged litigation on those involved, Toni shifted her focus to mediation in order to provide parties with a safe, professional and positive environment to take control of their own futures and resolve conflict. Toni believes that anyone involved in conflict can benefit from a skilled mediator’s guidance through a process designed to result in a more custom tailored and cost effective result for all.

Marta Cary-Skovrinski


Marta Cary-Skovrinski is a conflict engagement specialist. With an undergraduate degree in Ombuds Services and an M.S. in Negotiation and Dispute Resolution, she’s passionate about helping people and organizations manage their inevitable conflicts. Marta helps individuals and groups have difficult conversations and effectively manage relationships through coaching, mediation, and facilitation. She is adept at rapport building and coaching, working effectively with “abrasive supervisors” and developing leadership on perspective- taking, effective communication, and emotional intelligence.

Wesley Parks


Wesley Parks is an attorney-mediator. His law practice specializes in family law, bankruptcy, bankruptcy litigation, civil litigation, and mediation. Wesley began his mediation training in law school at the University of Montana. In 2013, he was awarded the Carol Mitchell Award for Clinical Excellence in Mediation form the State Bar of Montana. He has mediated for the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribal Court in Flathead County Montana, and the Community Dispute Resolution Center in Missoula, Montana. Currently, he performs private mediations through Cohen & Cohen, P.C., and he is a mediator for Jefferson County Mediation Services in Golden, Colorado, and Court Mediation Services in Denver, Colorado. Wesley has mediated disputes in the areas of family law, landlord-tenant, property, contract, neighbor disputes, and small claims. He also teaches Mediation and Negotiation as an adjunct professor at the University of Denver – Sturm College of Law.

Morgan O'Brien


Morgan is a mediator and senior executive with more than 30 years’ experience in media, manufacturing and technology companies, in addition to national nonprofit organizations. He has held senior management positions with divisions of MGM/UA, News America, World Color Press and Advance Publications. His functional expertise includes complex negotiations, Mergers and Acquisitions, strategic planning, business valuation, business exit planning, raising capital and dispute resolution.

Morgan earned a BA in Journalism at the University of Minnesota, MBA from Columbia University and completed mediation training through Phoenix Strategies. He is a  member of the Mediation Association of Colorado (MAC) and Co-Chair of the Financial Executives’ Networking Group (FENG) Colorado Chapter.

Laura Elliott


Laura Elliott comes to mediation and conflict resolution via the private and commercial business worlds. She has worked in the communications industry for more than two decades, as an investigative journalist and then as a senior executive for Fleishmann-Hillard, Inc., one of the world’s leading strategic communications firms.

Jason Gladfelter

Owner/Dir. Brewery Mediation Network/Facilitator

Mr. Gladfelter has more than 17 years of experience in team leadership, management and customer relations.  He holds a Master’s in Conflict Resolution, a Certificate in Advanced Studies in ADR, a Bachelor’s in History, and is a certified Cicerone Beer Server. Jason has studied in Czech Republic, and worked as a conflict specialist in Bangalore, India.

Jason translates this experience and education into OvalOptions’ services in personal coaching, group Dialogue, conflict analysis and business audits. His strong ability to seek and discover root issues has proven invaluable to our clients. 

Paige Brock


Paige received her bachelor’s degree and juris doctorate degree from the University of Colorado. As an attorney who practiced at two national, multidisciplinary law firms with major offices in Denver, Colorado, she developed broad litigation experience in diverse industries. She was a vital team member because of her strong oral and written advocacy skills as well as her attention to detail. Paige was a founding board member, director, and executive officer of the board of directors of a Douglas County public charter school. In the almost seven years that she served on the volunteer board, the school applied for and received its original charter, charter renewal, grant funding, an investment-grade rating with Standard and Poor’s, and a public bond that funded the completion of its facility.


CJ Clayton


CJ has held a number of roles in the nonprofit, government, and education sectors over the last ten years. His involvement with critical policy development projects at the Environmental Center at Fort Lewis College (FLC) and the City of Monte Vista enabled him to work on key land use, economic development, public health, and sustainability issues. He’s served on various boards of directors — most recently, as a member of the San Luis Valley Development Resources Group Technology Planning Committee (2016-2017). His career endeavors and educational pursuits provide him with a strong foundation in dispute resolution and facilitating project building efforts.

Clara Wilbrandt

coming soon

David Holland


David Holland specializes in facilitation and enjoys mediations that impact teens. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer and Information Science from Ohio State University and a Master of Science Degree in Computer Science from University of Southern California. David is an expert in facilitating complex and contentious issues–empowering voices, tracking concerns, clarifying statements, and asking important questions. We turn to him for our most challenging situations.

Jennifer Runyan


Jennifer Runyan practices collaborative mediation, empowering the mediation participants to find the best solution for themselves. She believes that since the individuals coming to mediation know their problems, situations and issues best, they will be able to come up with the best and most effective resolution that will be mutually acceptable. 

Brian Beck, Recognized Leader In Conflict Resolution

Brian S. Beck


Brian S. Beck brings a unique ability to help clients understand the root causes of disagreements along with the coaching skills to help them find the most appropriate solutions. Brian is owner and co-founder of OvalOptions, LLC, a conflict-resolution consulting firm, and has led workshops and trainings on understanding conflict and problem-solving. He served as director of business communications for a rural health center in Limon, Colo., in 2007, and has worked with various organizations to improve internal cultures and work environments. His master’s thesis examined the conflicts that occur during organizational change initiatives.

Gregory P. Greene


Greg is a former affiliate professor of finance, law, and economics at Colorado Christian University, Bauer School of Business – University of Houston and AA White Dispute Resolution Institute at the University of Houston School of Law. He possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience in mediation, arbitration, ADR training & development and ADR in-house systems design. Greg started his mediation quest while attending Pepperdine School of Law and attended the Strauss Institute for Dispute Resolution in conjunction with law school.

Greg has mediated hundreds of cases over the past 25 years, and has participated in multi-million dollar mediation cases involving maritime, healthcare, life insurance, eldercare, real estate based, securities, and a variety of employment related issues.