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Frustrated about a disagreement or argument? We can help.

At some point, all of us are confronted with a difficult situation and even difficult people. Sometimes we just get stuck in a cycle of disagreement, argument and dispute. In the moment it can be difficult to analyze what is actually going on and even more difficult figuring out how to fix it. Many times we just chalk it up to “one of those things” and put it on the back burner. Unfortunately, it still “cooks” and can lead to complications later.

Yet, it is hard to ask for help, or do not know where to turn for assistance.  At some point in our business or family life, we are confronted with challenging disputes, from contractual disagreements with a vendor to a personal difficulty between you and a loved one. OvalOptions creates a “round table” environment where each party has the opportunity to speak and address their concerns. Everyone is heard.

We help businesses, families and communities find better options for resolving disputes in each of our four main services areas: business, community, family and court. We specialize in mediation, mediation – arbitration, facilitation, settlement conferences, coaching and training.

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