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OvalOptions offers mediation, settlement conferencing, arbitration, and other ADR processes to help clients reach amicable and sustainable agreements. Our panelists possess a wealth of individual and collective experiences in various industries, from domestic mediators to seasoned attorneys. We match their experience with the appropriate case.

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Mark Loye

Mark Loye

Principal, Lead Mediator

Mark Loye is the Director of Jefferson County Mediation Services. He has more than 25 years of experience as a professional in the dispute-resolution field in areas such as multi-party environment, land use, business, EEO/workplace, divorce and child custody, real estate, and task force and group facilitation. His educational background includes an undergraduate degree in biology and graduate degrees in ecology and public administration, as well as 420 hours of varied mediation training. He has conducted training seminars in dispute resolution for the federal government, local governments, the U.S. Postal Service, private training organizations and at professional conferences.

Matt Jarvinen

Business Mediator, Investigator

Matthew Jarvinen brings broad experience in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and labor-management relations.  Matt most recently served as the Denver Regional Director of the Federal Labor Relations Authority from 2004 – 2014 (retirement) and was a member of the Senior Executive Service (SES). He exercised program direction and leadership over the Federal labor relations program throughout the geographic jurisdiction of the Denver Region, and spearheaded the Region’s ADR efforts.

Matt is a professional member of the Mediation Association of Colorado (the MAC).  He specializes in workplace and employment disputes. Since 2005, Matt has volunteered as a mediator with the Jefferson County (Colorado) Mediation Services program; twice being recognized as Mediator of the Year for Workplace Cases and once as Mediator of the Year for Divorce and Parenting Cases.  He has mediated hundreds of labor-management, business, community, and domestic relations disputes.

Greg Green


Greg is a former affiliate professor of finance, law, and economics at Colorado Christian University, Bauer School of Business – University of Houston and AA White Dispute Resolution Institute at the University of Houston School of Law. He possesses a great wealth of knowledge and experience in mediation, arbitration, ADR training & development and ADR in-house systems design. Greg started his mediation quest while attending Pepperdine School of Law and attended the Strauss Institute for Dispute Resolution in conjunction with law school.

Greg has mediated hundreds of cases over the past 25 years, and I have participated in multi-million dollar mediation cases involving maritime issues, healthcare issues, life insurance issues, eldercare issues, real estate based issues, securities issues and a variety of employment related issues. He also is heavily involved in the senior care industry in Colorado.

Marta Cary-Skovrinski

Mediator, Coach

Marta Cary-Skovrinski is a conflict engagement specialist. With an undergraduate degree in Ombuds Services and an M.S. in Negotiation and Dispute Resolution, she’s passionate about helping people and organizations manage their inevitable conflicts. Marta helps individuals and groups have difficult conversations and effectively manage relationships through coaching, mediation, and facilitation. She is adept at rapport building and coaching, working effectively with “abrasive supervisors” and developing leadership on perspective- taking, effective communication, and emotional intelligence.

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Antonia Ozeroff

Mediator, Investigator

Toni brings 35 years of combined professional experience as a civil litigation and employment lawyer, human resources/corporate executive and alternative dispute resolution practitioner to her current mediation practice. 

She has a wealth of experience and knowledge gained from representing both corporate and individual clients, problem solving as an executive in a Fortune 500 company, and mediating countless cases. A graduate, with honors, of Stanford University (B.S. Economics) and of Boalt Hall Law School, University of California, Berkeley (J.D.). She clerked for the Honorable Justice Broussard of the California Supreme Court. She is a graduate of the Aspen Institute’s Henry Crown Fellowship Leadership Development program. She received the 2013 and 2014 Divorce and Parenting Mediator of the Year Award and the 2016 Workplace Mediator of the Year Award from Jefferson County Mediation Services.  She is admitted to practice law in Colorado and California.


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