Family Options

Families often face conflict – problems with relatives, parenting-style differences, parent-and-teen disagreements, elder care disputes, financial disagreements and divorce. When family problems arise, we can help family members resolve the issues quickly and peacefully. Each problem may require one service, or a combination of the services featured below.

Mediation can help families stay together or to separate in a productive manner. We help divorcing couples address the separation agreement and parenting plan in a way that minimizes tension and allows people to part as peacefully as possible. Often, along with the parenting plan, mediation includes a communications plan to help parents maintain a positive parenting relationship for their children.



When someone else needs to make the decision for you, arbitration can help. An arbitration looks much like a mediation where each side is given an opportunity to discuss their needs and interests. In the end, the arbitrator will create the final agreement for you. Arbitration can be either binding or non-binding. If parties agree in the beginning that the arbitration will be non-binding, they will still have the opportunity to continue their dispute in court.

When an individual is unsure how to address a family dispute, a trained coach will help the person consider options and create a plan for how the conflict can be addressed.


Family Group Conferencing

This model is much like team decision-making. In this case, the facilitator spends a significant amount of time with each participant before the meeting. When everyone comes together, the facilitator begins the meeting and remains on hand to help your family work through the problems and create a plan on their own.