Brewery Mediation Network

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About BMN

Basically, the BMN offers craft breweries a solution between the do-it-yourself and suing-the-pants-off-them approaches. Disagreements, disputes and conflicts within and between breweries can cost vast sums of money, take years to address and create intense headaches. We handle all types of disputes, from the most noticeable (trademarks) to the most common (partnerships).  The BMN also offers facilitation, coaching, consulting, team-building and other trainings to breweries. When possible, we keep services local to each client.

Main issues the BMN addresses:

* Our trademark mediators are certified by the International Trademark Association

How It Works

OvalOptions manages each case from start to finish. Starting with a free consultation and progressing through the most appropriate ADR method and finalizing with evaluation and follow-up.  We do not recommend methods that are inappropriate: If a situation calls for a service that we do not provide, then we will direct you elsewhere. We strive to solve problems and their roots, not sugar coat or hide them.


Tel: 720-295-7119

Already have legal counsel? No problem, have them contact us. 

If you are an employee of a brewery and want assistance with private or domestic matters, you may use the same contact information (above). Your information will be held in strict confidence.