Workplace Mediation DVD


Our mediation training video provides a realistic example of a workplace mediation scenario

How to Use the Video and Workbook

As a skills refresher or continuing education resource, current mediators can watch the video and answer the questions in the FREE workbook.

As part of a formal new-mediator program, Mediation Trainers can show students realistic examples to discuss good, bad or alternative techniques and strategies.

Trainers: Minimize your printing costs by having students order their own FREE workbook directly from our website: 


Video Clips

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Mediator Opening

Party 1’s Opening

 Negotiation Phase

To create this realistic example of  a workplace mediation…

We hired an experienced professional mediator and two professional actors

The mediator was given only a summary of the dispute and instructed to handle this as a real-world mediation

Each actor was given differing and conflicting personal information about the dispute

The video was filmed all in one take with the breaks occurring during natural transitions within the mediation process itself.   This helps to maintain a consistent flow of the video throughout the process and allows viewers to dialogue about “mistakes” that occurred during the meeting.

Want to know more about the video, dispute scenario or the people involved in the video… Click HERE

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