VENTIT is an external self-referral advice line that connects you and your staff with conflict management professionals at OvalOptions.

Our Goal

VENTIT’s main goal is to turn potentially destructive pressure into constructive power. To do this, VENTIT offers several avenues for clients:

  1. A release valve for tensions and pressure that may exist in your company. A staff member can call VENTIT to vent; get things off their chest. When people feel frustrated or unhappy they tend to hold on to feelings of resentment. These build up (like a pressure cooker or volcano) and can slowly erode productivity, affect attitude toward your company, or suddenly erupt with damaging consequences. Through VENTIT, your staff can safely talk about what is bothering them. Users remain anonymous unless they authorize otherwise.
  2. If this isn’t enough and users want/need something more, VENTIT can offer guidance, and recommendations on possible next steps. For example, VENTIT can provide tips on how to broach an uncomfortable subject with her/his supervisor, or how to handle a delicate situation with a co-worker.
  3. Sometimes, more robust and interactive conflict management services are needed. VENTIT offers discounts on mediation, facilitation, training, and coaching through OvalOptions to help people and companies recognize, address, and overcome internal challenges. 
  4. VENTIT tracks all incoming calls/emails/contacts so that a report can be relayed to the client company. This report aims to communicate an in-depth look into the client’s workplace environment. This report may contain highlights of recurring incidents, recommendations on action and referrals to outside resources.  
  5. We are developing a sexual harassment reporting tool to include in VENTIT Please stay tuned for further information.
 In offering these services, VENTIT:
  • Is an external resource a company offers its associates. It includes  an external ombudsman function
  • Becomes a company’s first warning system when tensions build
  • Provides services to remedy these tensions
  • Offers discounts on those services
  • Can transform an eruption into progress

Our Process

  1. Contact (
  2. Describe the situation
  3. We will put you in touch with appropriate specialist to discuss the situation and possible next steps:
    1. Tips and guidance; discuss what can be done immediately
    2. May suggest reaching out to supervisor on behalf of “anonymous
    3. Further action (mediation, facilitation, referral to other services) may be recommended
  4. Produce status and feedback reports as requested

Client Benefits

  • Timely assistance with subtle yet important aspects of internal dynamics
  • A confidential gauge of your company’s internal temperature and barometer
  • Discount on standard OvalOptions services (e.g. mediation, trainings, facilitation)
  • Help avoid sudden loss of labor and decrease turnover
  • Provide supportive assistance to your staff
  • A portal to conflict management


Just Venting

Sometimes, it’s just good to vent. To talk with someone about a frustration or worry. Venting can also help to better understand and articulate a problem.

Internal “Temperature”/ Latent Issues

There’s a lot that goes on under the surface of a business. Maybe a supervisor had a bad morning and it’s creeping into the work space. Or an employee is struggling to understand work flow. Whatever the case may be, the seemingly trivial or small problems can linger and build upon each other. Like a shark just below the surface of the water; we may not see it, but we’ll sure feel it when it bites.

Safe Space

Even with an “open door” policy, many employees find it difficult to bring up complaints and requests, or ask for assistance. It is common that they do not know how to bring up such subjects in the first place. On top of that, the fear of reprisal for bringing up certain things is an dissuading factor.  VENTIT provides employees (and others) a safe and confidential outlet for bringing up certain issues, clarifying them, and receiving advice and assistance.

Caution Flags

We will track and categorize incoming contacts, and will notify you if we discover certain trends or patterns or recurrences that we feel are important to address with other methods. All contacts remain anonymous unless expressly authorized by the individual.

Periodic Reports

We will provide reports periodically or as requested.  Reports will consist of number of phone calls, category-based list of issues brought up, level of frustration, etc.

Further Assistance

Certain issues may require more in-depth methods of resolution, such as mediation or training. Each method is voluntary. If an issue falls outside our area of expertise (e.g. domestic abuse, substance abuse), then we can provide referrals to appropriate agencies.


When enrolled in VENTIT, clients receive discounts on standard services provided by OvalOptions. This includes issues affecting employees’ private lives (family, neighbor, etc.).  Issues involving trademarks, service marks or logos receive a separate, not additional, 10% discount.

Industry Reports

VENTIT data can be organized to develop and produce industry statistics if requested by an association or other group. Conditions apply.