Trainings Catalog

Our training modules can be delivered “of the shelf” or tailored to the unique needs of our clients.

We all have unique personalities and sometimes they clash. This session aims to help attendees understand why other people can be difficult, how to change the interaction dynamic and improve communications. More info…

Having Uncomfortable Conversations

Some conversations need to be engaged, but are often neglected due to dread anticipation, trepidation of how to “bring it up,” uncomfortable feelings and procrastination. Here, attendees will be provided the skills, as well as the understanding behind them, to better manage critical conversations and the atmosphere they present.

Inter-generational Tension and Dispute

It seems every generation has tension with those before and after it. This is nothing new, yet the pace of technological advances in communication and sophistication compound today’s tensions, from work ethic to personal goals. This session approaches such tensions, and how to manage and overcome them, from viewpoints of different generations.

Sexual Harassment and Discrimination

(We are in the process of tailoring this training to small businesses. Check back for updates)

An introductory course that provides attendees a base understanding of dispute and conflict dynamics, how they originate and grow, and the damages they can cause (directly and indirectly). We will cover communication and conflict styles, and the five dispute management models. More info…

Dynamics of Dispute 2

A more “hands on” session that deals with specifics and personal approaches to dispute management. We will go over word selection, sentence structure, intent versus impact, and other dispute management techniques.

Trademarks and Infringement

Delivered in partnership with external professionals, this session walks attendees through the trademark process, addresses the do’s and don’ts, how to handle infringement claims, how to claim infringement and the intricacies and vagueness of the overall trademark and logo arena.

Partnership Disputes

Geared toward small businesses, this course focuses on common issues within partnerships, from personal differences to systemic challenges. Attendees will receive tips and guidelines to developing a dispute communication framework. Interaction is encouraged and specific issues can be related to us beforehand (via email or phone…held in confidence) or during session.