Senior Care Summit


September 14th, 2017

Richards-Hart Estate

W 28th Ave & Benton Street, Wheat Ridge, CO 80214  [MAP]


OvalOptions is pleased to offer a day-long conference for professionals in the senior care & assisted living industry. This event is just one of the ways we provide assistance to a growing industry facing many challenges, from the rising senior population to the frustrations with ever-changing healthcare laws. Care facilities and their management teams face tensions, frustrations and turbulence.RHEstate

Through various services, OvalOptions provides assistance in several areas that frustrate the SC and AL communities. And our services can extend to their residents (and their families) as well. 

The Senior Care Summit allows us to showcase and discuss our services while providing attendees opportunities to learn, network and engage with us and each other; not to mention getting out of the office for a bit. The Summit has three main features:

  • 2 Seminars (#1 Conflict Recognition and Management; #2 Engaging Difficult Discussions)
  • 2 Networking breaks (Attendees can mingle, share info, relax, etc.)
  • 2 Dialogue sessions (We will facilitate discussions on any topic related to senior care. We have topics in mind, but it is attendees’ choice. The goal is to have open, honest and engaging conversation to ignite and engage collective brain power)



Dialogue: Attendees’ choice (e.g. Marijuana and poly-pharmacy.)


Seminar: Conflict Recognition and Management   We will present attendees with foundational theories of conflict, how it escalates, the indicators it presents, methods for management and sources for resolution. We will examine why conflict can be a good thing and how it can initiate and sustain progress.


LUNCH  (please let us know about food allergies, veggie, vegan and gluten preferences)



Dialogue: Attendees’ choice (e.g. Staff issues and retention)


Seminar: Engaging Difficult Discussions   From staff and resident feedback to family alignment, senior care professionals face taxing and intense conversations.  This seminar focuses on the difficult discussions that surround and permeate the industry, how to prepare for them, and tips to effectively engage with frustrated and anxious staff, residents, and families.

We reserved venue until 4:30pm

FEE:  $99  (Includes lunch and refreshments).  Contact us for further details:

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