Behind the Dialogues: Part 4

The Goal

The Pub Dialogues series is our vehicle to highlight that open, honest and civil conversations are possible during difficult circumstances.  We hope people will see how disagreeing with someone does not prohibit discussion, conversation and dialogue.   Honest Dialogue is not easy; it takes time, effort and even some pain. However, the benefits are fantastic for those involved and, indirectly, the world at large.

The Pub Dialogues aim to:

  • (Re-) Introduce interpersonal communication skills
  • Help people address contentious topics and understand differing view-points
  • Showcase how people with opposing view-points can engage in constructive conversation without reverting to debate and animosity
  • Bring awareness to the importance of open discussion and its salience with social, political and cultural issues
  • Entice people to have more conversations face-to-face in a civil and open manner (with local pubs and businesses in mind for the setting)
  • Offer an opportunity for people to learn from each other

We want to change the world.  Delusions of grandeur to be sure. Still, we follow a common platitude, ‘if you want to change the world, start with yourself’.  The practitioners at OvalOptions have taken this rather difficult first step.  While we are far from perfect, we turned the focus of conflict resolution skills on ourselves first to view firsthand the changes, understanding and personal development they afford.  Our dedication to these skills is strong, and our passion to avail them to others is resilient.  The Pub Dialogues series is one way we can share our skills with others, for free, and open to all.

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