Behind the Dialogues, Part 3

The Pub

Throughout the centuries, people have met at the local pub to discuss topics of importance. The founding fathers of the U.S. met in pubs to discuss the fate of the colonies, allegiance with Britain, and the desire for independence.  These pubs usually brewed their own beer, as did the founding fathers. During Prohibition, these pubs closed, brewing became a lost art, and the communal conversation forgotten.

Thankfully, brewpubs are back.  They combine the comfort of the old pubs and the beer styles of a new generation of adventurous brew-masters.  Most of these establishments are small businesses, locally owned, and part of the community.  They make a profit from their passion, and their passion is to make and serve great beer—the social lubricant of the ages.

The pub offers a relaxed atmosphere. Some have leather chairs and fireplaces. Others have outside or rooftop patios.  Some offer delicious meals and snacks.  Pubs are a night out, a place to meet people, people watch, and to have conversations.  As the theme song for the 1980s-90s sitcom, “Cheers”, states:

You wanna be where you can see,
our troubles are all the same
You wanna be where everybody knows
Your name.

The pub is a safe space where inhibitions are set loose, at least a bit.  And you just might learn something…


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