A discussion of gun violence:

A discussion of gun violence:

With the recent incidents of gun violence in Aurora, Clackamas, and Newtown social media forums have experienced an outpouring of discussion about gun violence, mental health, the NRA and the Second Amendment.  These discussions are emotional and informational. We see this as an opportunity to tackle the issues at hand, discuss the problems and collaborate to help find solutions.

Please join us in a dialogue about gun violence in the USA. We believe that no one person has THE solution.  We also believe that all of us can provide a solution if we work together.

OvalOptions invites you to join the dialogue on our Facebook page. There, you may voice your opinions, ideas, questions and concerns or share valuable resources.  This is an open discussion where everybody can reply and comment.

OvalOptions will moderate the dialogue. The Ground Rules for participation are:

  • Focus on the issue
  • Have respect for others’ opinions
  • Remain open minded
  • Refrain from making assumptions (about people, issues, opinions and ideas). Ask for clarification if needed
  • Ask questions
  • Avoid using sarcasm
  • Any disrespectful comments will be deleted
  • If you’re unsure how to comment in a productive way or don’t want your comment to be public, send us a private message
  • For more tips on engaging in productive conversations, read our blog “Making the choice between your friend and your politician

This is not a competition; it is collaboration to find a mutually acceptable, and sturdy solution. Upon completion, we will generate a public report summarizing the issues, resources and possible solutions.

We see the situation residing in five main categories. These are not rigid and others can exist.

  • Gun Laws (gun types, ammunition, availability, application of laws, etc)
  • Constitutional (the 2nd Amendment, definition, modern applications, etc)
  • Social (societal influences, societal obligations, social limitations, public safety, etc)
  • Personal (family roles, personal responsibilities, etc)
  • Mental Health (illness, awareness, assistance, etc)

Visit our Facebook page to join the dialogue.