Benefits of OvalOptions Elder Decision-Making Services

The Benefits of OvalOptions Elder Decision-Making Services[/highlight_content]

Our Elder services, such as mediation, are impartial, voluntary and non-adversarial, and encourages families to feel heard and acknowledged as vital participants in the process. As a result, family elders and those who care for them feel a greater sense of ownership of the agreement and are more likely to follow the agreement long after the process takes place.

People are more likely to follow decisions made through mediation and support the care of a loved one. The success rate for compliance with mediation is 80%.


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Privacy and Confidentiality

Families in disagreement over issues of elder care and support often turn to the courts to resolve important private family matters in a very public forum. OvalOptions’ approach to elder care and support mediation creates a safe and confidential environment for families to address concerns and issues privately and with full confidentiality. [/one_third][one_third]

Control of the Outcome

Unlike decisions handed down in a courtroom by a judge, mediated solutions are crafted by the families themselves, with the assistance of a skilled and impartial facilitator. Such agreements reflect the combined wisdom and highest aspirations of the elder family member and all other concerned family members. [/one_third][one_third class=”lastcols”]

Participation of the Family Elder

At OvalOptions, elder support mediations are designed to include and respect the interests and wishes of the family elder, and to help family members and others involved to work together toward a resolution that provides the greatest possible independence and autonomy for their aging loved one.


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Fast and Cost-Effective

OvalOptions elder care and support mediation typically helps families reach agreement in a much shorter time and at significantly lower costs, compared to legal representation in the courts.[/one_third][one_third]

Creative Problem-Solving

Mediation or facilitation of elder care issues offers participants the opportunity to engage together in creative problem-solving, brainstorming and evaluation with the assistance of trained and experienced facilitators. [/one_third][one_third class=”lastcols”]

Early Engagement

Families and concerned parties who engage in the mediation at an early stage are able to reduce the impact and often avoid the strain on families and relationships that is typically associated with complicated, confrontational legal processes. OvalOptions encourages families and elders to seek assistance to find solutions before strains lead to crisis.[/one_third]



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