Elder and Family Decision-Making Services

Our ELDER AND FAMILY DECISION-MAKING SERVICES are designed to strengthen family support of their elders’ quality of life and empower family members to address their relationships and individual needs in a caring and respectful environment.

— Senior Care Summit Information–

OvalOptions provides sensitive and effective solutions for families experiencing difficult situations concerning an elder loved one. Our services are designed to assist family members of all generations to begin and continue important conversations leading to the best possible decisions regarding housing and health care, financial planning and estate management, and quality of life, all while honoring and supporting the personal wishes and autonomy of the family elder.

OvalOptions provides mediation and facilitation to address a broad range of elder care and support issues, including:

  • 1
    Health and medical care
  • 2
    Quality of life and in-home care
  • 3
    Financial decision-making
  • 4
    Family communication
  • 5
    Living arrangements/ housing
  • 6
    Driving and personal safety
  • 7
    Powers of attorney / Living wills
  • 8
  • 9
    Probate and estate distribution
  • 10
    Abuse, neglect, exploitation
  • 11
    End-of-life decisions
  • 12
    Respite care and support for caregivers