Community Options

Our community options are designed to help communities navigate large-scale disagreements.[/highlight_content]

As a neutral facilitator, OvalOptions assists in bringing community groups together in a round-table setting where all parties are equally heard.

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Neutral Facilitation

A neutral facilitator works with disputing groups to discuss disagreements in a productive manner with the goal of drafting a mutually agreeable solution.

One of our most successful community programs where we act as a neutral facilitator is our Pub Dialogues.

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Pub Dialogues

The Pub Dialogues is a public engagement series that brings people out of the chat rooms and into neighborhood pubs to discuss important topics face-to-face. Participants are seated at tables in small groups. Each group is provided a facilitator from OvalOptions to keep discussions civil, open, engaging and progressive, as well as to capture main points, issues, concerns and ideas.

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