Collaboration with Meta-Culture

Oval Options is teaming up with Meta-Culture, a thinking and human engagement studio based in India, to bring two unique training courses, Critical Thinking for Mediators and Meta-Dialoguefor attorneys, mediators, facilitators, teachers, trainers, and conflict resolution practitioners. Based in Bangalore, India, and specializing in conflict resolution, critical thinking and creative problem solving, Meta-Culture operates in Europe, Asia North America and the Middle East. Delivered by Ashok Panikkar, the founder of Meta-Culture, these courses are a serious departure from traditional conflict resolution programs! They are intense, interactive and energetic and challenge practitioners to improve, enrich and expand their capabilities in addressing, managing and resolving complex disputes. CLE credits are available. For more details see:

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Limited class size

Early bird through July 31st


COURSES (lunch and refreshments included):

Critical Thinking for Mediators (2 Days)

Meta-Dialogues Workshop (3 Days)

Dual enrollment discount available.

Based in Bangalore, Karantaka, India, Meta-Culture is dedicated to making relationships more effective. Founded by Ashok Panikkar in 2055, Meta-Culture offers trainings, mediation, facilitation, consulting, coaching and dialogues to Asia, Europe and North America.Meta‑Culture is the recipient of the 2010 Outstanding Leadership Award from the Association for Conflict Resolution’s (ACR) International Development Committee.

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