Construction Options

Our CONSTRUCTION OPTIONS are designed to make dispute resolution services easily
accessible, quick and efficient for our clients.[/highlight_content]

Despite all of the best intentions and careful planning, disputes are inevitable in complex construction projects. Our conflict resolutions services can help projects stay on track. Our simple referral process allows plans to continue while we do the leg work to manage dispute resolution. We determine the most appropriate course and handle the scheduling to bring the decision makers together to resolve issues quickly and efficiently. Each problem may require one service, or a combination of the services featured below.
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A process where a neutral, impartial person helps two or more people discuss a
problem with the goal of negotiating a written agreement that will resolve the issue and prevent
future problems.[/one_third][one_third]


When someone else needs to make the decision for you, arbitration can help. An
arbitration looks much like a mediation where each side is given an opportunity to discuss their needs
and interests. However, in the end, the arbitrator will create the final agreement for you. Arbitration
can be either binding or non‐binding. If parties agree in the beginning that the arbitration will be nonbinding,
they will still have the opportunity to continue their dispute in court.[/one_third][one_third class=”lastcols”]

Med-Arb (Mediation/Arbitration)

A hybrid model where people work with a neutral person
who initially tries to mediate the dispute. If an agreement on all issues is not reached, the facilitator
will change hats and become an arbitrator. 



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Conflict Coaching

A coach will work with an individual to talk through a specific problem and help
that person think through potential solutions and create a strategy for resolving the problem.[/one_half][one_half class=”lastcols”]

Problem‐Solving Workshop

A type of facilitation where the facilitator helps a group become
“unstuck.” The facilitator will help the group identify the problems, prioritize issues and agree on
solutions. [/one_half]



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