Problems such as ineffective communication and working styles, stolen time, gossip, personality differences, overuse of sick time, turnover and low morale cost companies money. Once the downward spiral starts, the problems become part of the organization’s culture. We can help with specific problems or large-scale cultural change initiatives. Each problem may require one service, or a combination of the services featured below.


A process where a neutral, impartial person helps two or more people discuss a problem with the goal of negotiating a written agreement that will resolve the issue and prevent future problems.

Group Facilitation

Much like mediation with more disputants. A neutral facilitator works with a group to discuss disagreements in a productive manner with the goal of drafting a mutually agreeable solution.

Training Program

Our courses are pre-designed, but appropriately adapted for each audience. Selective pieces from each of our courses can be combined as needed to ensure our customers receive the highest quality trainings. Read More about our training options.


A coach will work with an individual to talk through a specific problem and help that person think through potential solutions and create a strategy for resolving the problem.

Conflict Management System Design

Our team of conflict practitioners will work with an organization or group to develop a system for working through any type of dispute that arises. This would include appropriate modifications to the organization’s policies and procedures.

External Ombuds

OvalOptions will maintain an organization’s conflict management system, allowing employees and staff to have a confidential outlet for any dispute that arises. We will offer the full spectrum of our services to employees, track success rates and report cost savings back to management. We can also serve as a resource for employees who are working through problems outside of work.