Our services are quicker than litigation, affordable, and have a 90% success rate.

Our Approach to Mediation and Conflict Resolution

At some point in business or family life, everyone is confronted with conflict, from contractual disagreements with a vendor to a personal difficulty between you and your loved ones. We work in a “round table” setting to create an environment where everyone has the opportunity to speak and address his or her concerns, and we make sure that everyone is heard.

Working outside of and parallel to the court system, our practitioners seek to help parties discover or develop solutions that are supportive and sustainable. If your family, business, or community is facing difficulty in resolving issues, contact us.


Similar to mediation except for two distinct and important differences: 1) The arbitrator provides a binding solution–similar to a judge, and 2) more information is needed by the arbitrator so the cost is more.

Client receives one-on-one guidance, tips and education on conflict management principles. This can be a general approach or specific to the client’s needs, such as situational or personal. 

A four-stage service: Analysis of current conflict system, development of new system based on analysis, implementation of new system, and monitoring its efficacy. 

In-depth analysis and evaluation of client using a variety of scopes. Most common is “internal temperature” of staff, team, management, and/or departments. 

OvalOptions’ helps companies, organizations and businesses address sensitive issues like harassment, discrimination and compliance complaints.  Our experienced investigators provide an objective look into and analysis of such situations. We apply several methods in combination, dependent on our clients’ needs.

Facilitation is a group effort to solve a problem, map out direction, develop plans or overcome challenges. The facilitator provides a safe, open space to ensure all attendees are heard, ideas are exchanged, communication remains open and constructive.

Our most applied service, from court mandated sessions to neighbor disputes to employee tension. Our third party neutral helps disputants through difficult communication to arrive at amicable agreement. Confidential by state law.

For individuals or groups, our training portfolio offers easy access to learning about aspects of conflict management. We offer Open Enrollment sessions as well as sessions specific to client organization, business or group. Visit our Trainings page for more information. 

Our subscription-based assistance portal for small businesses. VENTIT can take a business’s internal “temperature”, provide an external feedback line, and guide managers in solving problems.