The OvalOptions Approach to Mediation and Conflict Resolution

At some point in business or family life everyone is confronted with conflict, from contractual disagreements with a vendor to a personal difficulty between you and your loved ones. We work in a “round table” setting to create an environment where everyone has the opportunity to speak and address their concerns, and we make sure that everyone is heard.

Working outside of and parallel to the court system, our practitioners seek to help parties discover or develop solutions that are supportive and sustainable. If your family, business or community face difficulty in resolving issues, contact us.

Our services are quicker than litigation, cost less than attorneys and have a 90% success rate.

We successfully help businesses, families and communities find better options for resolving disputes through our four main service areas:


Facing a difficult situation with your employer, employee or business partner? Our BUSINESS OPTIONS can help you or your company reduce the high cost of conflict in the workplace.

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Having trouble communicating with your parents, children or elders? Our FAMILY OPTIONS are designed to help people move through difficult situations as quickly and productively as possible.

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Is your community divided over a complex issue? Our COMMUNITY OPTIONS are designed to help communities navigate through conflicts as a neutral facilitator.

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Lost in the world of attorneys and courts? Our COURT OPTIONS are designed to help you negotiate through legal issues outside of or parallel to court.

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