National Craft Brewery Mediation Service Debuts

Denver-based OvalOptions launches network to help craft brewers with trademark and other disputes

Denver, CO (April 6, 2015) Beginning April 15th, 2015 OvalOptions for Conflict Management will offer its Brewery Mediation Network (BMN) service in areas nation-wide. The program will help connect craft breweries with local providers of mediation, facilitation and associated services to assist in resolving costly disputes, most noticeably those involving trademarks.

Breweries that contact the BMN are guided through a dispute roadmap, shaped by their unique situation, examining issues ranging from inter-brewery dispute to workplace tension. OvalOptions then suggests the most appropriate service and provider in their network and contact the other party. In certain instances, outside references may be given (e.g. legal advocacy).

Jason Gladfelter, co-owner of OvalOptions, conflict consultant and level 1 Cicerone, views trademark disputes as a threat to the industry’s image while inflicting economic damage. “Legal fees in trademark cases can cost tens of thousands of dollars and take six months or more to conclude. Mediation can produce an amicable solution in a timely manner at a fraction of the cost, which is divided between the parties.”

The BMN program is a contractual partnership between OvalOptions and local mediation providers across the country. Each provider and their services are vetted and evaluated by OvalOptions. “This brings together two collaborative industries—mediation and craft brewing—for the benefit of each”, Gladfelter says. “We hope the BMN helps local businesses help each other.”

About OvalOptions for Conflict Management:  Based in Denver, CO, OvalOptions is a consulting firm focused on mediation and other dispute resolution services operating in conjunction, parallel and outside the court system. OvalOptions helps clients find the most appropriate solutions for their situations, including, if necessary, referring to outside services. You can find them online at, on Facebook at or follow on Twitter: @OvalOptions.

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Jason Gladfelter, Owner/Consultant

OvalOptions for Conflict Management