VENTIT Helps with Internal Dynamics of Breweries

May 18th, 2017

DENVER, CO—In its ongoing effort to support craft breweries, the Brewery Mediation Network has developed a new program to help breweries manage their internal dynamics.  VENTIT® is designed as a “self-referral” process to connect brewery staff and associates with conflict management professionals at OvalOptions to address any frustrations or tensions that staff member or associate may have in the workplace or at home.

Some of the most damaging and distressing issues to a small business originate from within. Employee dissatisfaction can grow when not addressed, or addressed improperly or incompletely. Unpleasant attitude, tardiness, poor performance and even employee turnover can result from frustrations that fester for weeks, months or even years.

The main obstacle to addressing such issues is the confrontation that is needed to bring them to attention. Most people are not comfortable bringing up sensitive issues to their supervisors, mostly due to fear of retribution and lack of effective methods. With a phone call or email to VENTIT® , they are free to vent their frustrations, discuss tensions and receive tips and advice on how they can proceed to address issues at hand.  Their name, position and conversations remain anonymous. Their colleagues and supervisors need not know anything about it.

If a caller has an issue that requires assistance beyond advice, then VENTIT®  can recommend more in-depth services, such as mediation, facilitation, and training at a discount from OvalOptions. As these are in-person methods, anonymity can no longer be maintained, but moving forward with such services is only at the discretion and permission of the caller.

Overall, VENTIT®  serves three main functions: as a sort of release valve for frustrations and tensions; as a resource to receive timely tips and advice; and as a conduit to discounted services from OvalOptions. Furthermore, if certain issues arise multiple times at a brewery, then the brewery ownership is contacted to relay the concern (names and positions are still withheld). In this way, a brewery is alerted to continuous, potentially harmful issues of which it may not be aware.

And that’s not all. VENTIT®  may be utilized for a caller’s home life as well. Just as it is important not to “bring work home” (and VENTIT®  helps with that), one should not “bring home to work”. If a VENTIT® -enrolled company’s associate is experiencing tensions or disputes at home (with spouse, neighbors, etc.), then s/he can use VENTIT® .

VENTIT® is inclusive. Any person who works at an enrolled brewery, whether they be a brewer, server, owner or manager, can utilize VENTIT®.  It takes a lot of people to successfully run a brewery and should all have access to effective and efficient assistance.

For more information about VENTIT® visit or email Jason Gladfelter: