Employment Investigations

OvalOptions’ helps companies, organizations and businesses address sensitive issues like harassment, discrimination and compliance complaints.  Our experienced investigators provide an objective look into and analysis of such situations. We apply several methods in combination, dependent on our clients’ needs.

The goal of our Investigation services is threefold:

  • To clarify each aspect of a given issue
  • To provide a safe place where employees can air grievances
  • To provide recommendations to client organization to:
    • Appropriately address the issue
    • Adopt practices to prevent repetition

Employment Investigation addresses personnel issues, such as allegations of discrimination, contested work assignments, bullying, co-worker conflict, sexual and other harassment, and disputes over reviews and promotions.

As with most of our services, we use a dual practitioner model. Having two investigators increases coverage of complaints and possible connections to other areas.  Collaboration between investigators improves accuracy and enhances analysis. Time and scheduling also benefit.

We maintain confidentiality, with a few exceptions (violence, threats, etc.)