Craft Brewery Options

Enriching the People Ingredient of Breweries and the Craft Brewing Community[/highlight_content]

Our services help businesses move through difficult situations as quickly as possible, while adhering to the most cost-efficient and effective means. We provide help in the middle ground between two common approaches to problems: doing nothing and “lawyering up.” We manage problems before they escalate with services that are less expensive than attorneys, and operate outside of or parallel to the court system.  Our approach allows you to maintain control of the outcome, and our Brewery Mediation Network brings these services closer to you.

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Within a Brewery, there are several areas ripe for dispute and conflict.

  • 1
    The good news, you are expanding. The bad news — it requires change, something to which people do not react well.
  • 2
    Employee Disputes
    Workload inequalities (real or perceived), personality differences, contrasting work ethics and more. As a result, cooperation, teamwork and production suffer.
  • 3
    External Distress
    Personal relationships, divorce, family issues, education, parenting, etc. These personal issues are difficult to leave at home and often show up in the workplace.
  • 4
    Distribution Partners
    How the product is stored, sold, cared for, and moved to and out of stores, restaurants and bars.
  • 5
    Negotiating with vendors on everything, including malt, hops, water, equipment, yeast, adjuncts, cleaners/sanitizers and glasses.
  • 6
    This includes municipal and residential relations, community support, social responsibility, charities and festivals.
  • 7
    Trademark/Labeling Disputes
    Different breweries, different beers, same name. We offer options that attorney’s letter may not resolve.
  • 8
    Overall Communication
    Teamwork, technical specs, scheduling and real-time dispute resolution – all common places where conflict occurs.
  • 9
    When disagreements arise between brewers, investors and management. Sometimes the profit margins, co-owners, partners and the brewing art do not see eye-to-eye.