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Families don’t always agree on the best way to care for a loved one. This benefits no one. We can help families communicate effectively over sensitive topics, address disagreements, and clarify concerns.

Ultimately, the person primarily affected by care and planning is the senior. And they may disagree with family members. 

Trust is a cornerstone in the relationship a family has with the care provider. Concerns and disagreements happen; we’ll help you manage them.

Being cared for by another puts one in a vulnerable state. Trust is key here, too. Clarifying, voicing, and address concerns is vital to the value of care. 

Care providers experience the same challenges any other business faces; staff morale, employee retention, communication. 

Sometimes, a family member who needs care is not a senior. The same factors are involved, though, plus others. We can help you manage them.

OvalOptions provides sensitive and effective solutions for families experiencing difficult situations concerning an elder loved one. Our services assist family members of all generations to begin and continue important conversations leading to the best possible decisions regarding housing, health care, financial planning, estate management, and quality of life, all while honoring and supporting the personal wishes and autonomy of that family member.

OvalOptions provides mediation and facilitation to address a broad range of elder care and support issues, including:

  1. Health and medical care
  2. Quality of life and in-home care
  3. Financial decision-making
  4. Family communication
  5. Living arrangements/ housing
  6. Driving and personal safety
  7. Powers of attorney / Living wills
  8. Guardianship/Conservatorship
  9. Probate and estate distribution
  10. Abuse, neglect, exploitation
  11. End-of-life decisions
  12. Respite care and support for caregivers

Our conflict management and communication services help senior care and assisted living companies navigate challenges they face on various levels, from corporate management to the complex nature of residents’ families. We work with individuals, teams, organizations, and companies to provide with appropriate, efficient and effective conflict management services.

Below are just some examples of how we can help, although not an exhaustive list:

  • Team cohesion:  One kink in the armor, or the weakest link in a chain, can disrupt the whole. In a workplace environment such maladies can start as simple, seemingly trivial, misunderstandings. As they fester, however, they can erode team strength and spread to other areas. We engage services in communications training, mediation, team meeting facilitation and external ombudsman to discover, address and resolve such issues.
  • Meeting Facilitation: Get the most out of your meetings with the help from our facilitators. Whether team or community meetings, we can help identify problem areas, collect data and feedback, help develop solutions and improve overall communication.
  • Family alignment:  Deciding on a senior care/assisted living provider is difficult enough for families, let alone deciding on if such care is needed. Family dynamics, complexities and politics do not make such endeavors easier, and can frustrate everyone involved, including AL intake and marketing. We offer family gathering facilitation and alignment procedures to help families talk about the complexities, understand their own concerns, design protocols for discussions, and other methods designed to assist in such important decisions
  • Staff grievances: Many times grievances from staff go unaddressed and fester for days, weeks and even years. This takes away from their performance and productivity while eroding trust and communication. Our ombudsman service provides an outlet for airing of grievances, as well as resources for addressing them that benefit all parties
  • Cost: Senior Care and Assisted Living costs tend to dismay prospective residents and their families. One factor in pricing stems from the consequences of dealing (or not dealing with) internal dynamics and tension. When energies can be refocused into more direct care services to residents, costs could be reduced or maintained  (i.e. not increase each year), and savings can be passed on to the residents and their families
  • Events:  Our Pub Dialogues series could be introduced and tweaked to be included in facility activities for residents. These Dialogues are  facilitated by OvalOptions so participants can have open discussions on various topics. An example of one session addressed the good and bad of the growth of Denver Metro in recent years. The mission of Pub Dialogues is to engage in, and interactive with, interesting conversation  

We utilize various methods to achieve such goals. We tailor each service to the needs of our clients.  Services descriptions can be found here.

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