Not every conflict requires lawyers and the court system

Before you sue, consider mediation

Our society is bombarded with the idea of the legal system and the belief that lawyers and judges are the only options for dealing with disagreements.

Many people are discouraged by the belief that they must pursue an adversarial process to handle a minor dispute. The fact is that there are other ways of addressing issues with friends, family members, business associates and community members.

The other option is called mediation. A mediator will work with you and the other party to negotiate a satisfactory resolution. As a group of mediation practitioners, OvalOptions will set up a confidential meeting in a “round table” setting. We will help you discuss the conflict in a productive manner where everyone will have an opportunity to express his or her perspective on the situation.

Mediators work outside of or parallel to the court system and can help resolve the issues more quickly and at a lower cost than the legal system. The mediation process even helps to preserve relationships.

We call these options Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) services. These services include mediation, facilitation and arbitration.