Great American Brewers Dialogue 2014: Trademarks

Thanks to all who attended and participated in the 2014 Great American Brewers Dialogue!  We had a great time, discussed many important issues and went over valuable trademark information.  Special thanks to Candace Moon, Tim Myers, Kevin Selvy, Will McCameron and the Comrade Brewing Party. 

Summary report available here Download PDF
We aim to build upon this dialogue at the 2015 Craft Brewers Conference in Portland, OR
Look for the Great American Brewers Dialogue during next year’s GABF week (Sept 21-27)
The 2014 Great American Brewers Dialogue (GABD) invites brewery representatives to an open dialogue on trademarks and their ripple effects across the brewing industry.  What impact do trademarks have on my business? What complications do trademarks bring? What options are available for handling disputes?  The GABD is interactive between and among participants, guest speakers and facilitators from OvalOptions. This is not a lecture. Attendees are participants.  

This is a FREE event.  Seats are available. Walk-ins are welcome and RSVPs are appreciated.

Comrade and Trademarks

Welkome to the Party

DATE:  October 1st, 2014
LOCATION: Comrade Brewing Company  7667 E. Iliff Ave. (SE Denver, Quebec & Iliff)  80231
TIME: 10:30 am  with time for brewery tour at 10:00 am


Craft beer attorney Candace Moon joins this year’s Great American Brewers Dialogue to clarify what trademarks mean to breweries, the impact of trademarks on breweries and the overall industry, and to identify options available to breweries regarding trademark dispute processes.  Jason Gladfelter will speak about alternative options available to breweries, how they can benefit, and when to be cautious. It is our hope that bringing awareness to information about trademarks, disputes and dispute processes will reduce tension within the industry and strengthen its community.

The GABD will address the follow questions:

  • What are trademarks?
  • When are trademarks a good idea?
  • What are the pros/cons of securing legal counsel?
  • What is involved with defending trademarks?
  • What do I do if I’m accused of infringing upon a trademark?
  • How can mediation address trademark cases?

Guest speakers (below) will be available to give personal accounts of trademarks and procedures, and answer questions from participants.

Some goals of this Dialogue:

  1. Underscore the complexities and considerations of trademarks
  2. Highlight the complexities of trademark defense and infringement cases
  3. Raise awareness of alternative methods to litigation in trademark infringement cases
  4. Allow attendees to voice their concerns about trademarks
  5. Collect information from attendees for application in the development of an industry standard of process for resolution

The Great American Brewers Dialogue is a FREE event to breweries and their representatives.  We ask two things of attendees: 1) participate 2) keep things “in the room”. That is, confidentiality is important and helps enrich the dialogue.

As with the 2013 GABD, OvalOptions will release a summary of the dialogue.

Food: Several eateries are close to Comrade. Food truck has been invited.

Scheduled Speakers

The GABD is scheduled every year during the week of the Great American Beer Festival in Denver, CO. to take advantage of the mass gathering of brewing industry members.

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