Sending Dad to the Nursing Home? Elder Care Mediation

 Sending Dad to the Nursing Home?

“You want to put dad in assisted living? Why?”

“You live across country and you don’t know what I go through. I have my family to look after too you know.”

Does this situation sound familiar? If you are engaged in family squabbles regarding eldercare, think about a family gathering with a neutral mediator.

All too often we get too close to our problems and fail to see possible solutions. A neutral can help keep the peace and often help restore broken relationships.

By getting everyone together, including the elder parent(s), solutions can be found that satisfy everyone’s needs and reduce family tensions.

If indeed certain members live cross country, conference calls or video conferencing can be arranged. These sessions do not necessarily eliminate the need for attorneys or financial planners, but may considerably reduce the time you will need for their engagement.

If your family is having a difficult time making decisions about care of an elder family member, contact us to discuss how our services can help.