Resolve Family Conflicts Before It’s Too Late – Tell Your Sister You Were Right About Me

Tell Your Sister You Were Right About Me
~Darth Vader

You probably know someone who has been in a conflict with a relative for years, perhaps decades. Perhaps you yourself have not spoken with a brother, sister, or parent in a long time. This is a common problem. The more time that goes by, the more difficult it is to reach out again. Put yourself in Luke Skywalker’s shoes.

In the Star Wars Trilogy, Luke Skywalker does not know that his father has turned to the dark side and is plotting to control the Galaxy. But when he does find this out, he sets out on a quest to save his father, as he knows that “there is good in him,”

Finally in the tragic yet hopeful end to The Return of the Jedi, Luke’s Father, Anakin instructs his son to take his mask off “so I can look on you with my own eyes”.

Darth Vader then speaks his final words to his son, “tell your sister you were right about me, tell your sister you were right”.

What Luke was right about was that there WAS good in is father, and that although torn with jealously, power and rage over a lost love by the evil Emperor, deep down inside, Anakin Skywalker LOVED his son and wanted to somehow reunite with him.

What made it so difficult for Vader to release his anger and forgive himself for his wrong doings and return “to the light side” of the Force and life in general were those around him that were using his anger to their own benefit.

OvalOptions creates an environment free of these outside influences where people who have been long separated by anger and hate can come together and let go.

We can assist you and your family members by bringing you back “to the light side” and helping to heal wounds before its too late.

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