I need family legal advice! Family Legal advice vs legal information for families

I need family legal advice!

Many of our initial family oriented phone conversations with potential mediation clients begin with this plea for help, “I need legal advice!” While we can’t give legal advice, we can offer some tips and services that may be able to help you. Often our Denver mediation callers are more in need of direction/information than true legal advice, however, if you do need legal advice you will need to contact an attorney for that information. The following article will help you understand the basic difference between legal advice and legal information and will offer some basic information that may help you with your situation.

The OvalOptions Denver Mediation and Arbitration services work outside of or along with the legal system which often creates confusion. When you contact us, our first step is to hear the condensed version of your situation and how you would like to see it resolved. Are you getting divorced and want to settle as peacefully as possible or are you angry and looking for someone to advocate for you? Maybe you loaned your brother money to start a business and the repayment hasn’t started as expected. In this case you could be interested in negotiating a payment plan or you could be more interested in taking him to court to recover the lost funds. Both of these scenarios present opportunities for both legal advice and opportunities for mediation options.