Family Legal advice vs family legal information

Family Legal advice vs family legal information

When you find yourself in a family related conflict, whether legal or otherwise, you probably care little about the actual difference between family legal advice and family legal information but the difference is vital to finding the right help for your situation.

Legal advice requires knowledge of your specific situation and the actual application of law in your circumstances. Advice can only be offered by licensed attorneys. If you call a government agency or other resource and state, “I need legal advice,” it is likely that the person on the other end will quickly cut you off and say they can’t help. The reason for this is simple, to offer legal advice you must know the law and you must be willing to accept some amount of responsibility for the advice you give. The fact that the legal system is very detailed and complicated is why you may need an attorney as well as why attorneys charge a lot of money for their services.

Legal advice includes things such as drafting official legal documents, representing a person in court or answering the question “what will happen in court?”

Legal information only requires some knowledge of legal processes or where to find certain resources.

The choice is always in your hands. Contact OvalOptions to learn about our services, get information on relevant resources and to understand if your needs and interests require seeking legal advice from a licensed attorney.