Dynamics of Dispute - 1

OvalOptions Training Center
4251 Kipling St. #500
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033

June 20th, 2-4pm

An introductory course that lays a foundation to understanding conflict and how to effectively manage it in all contexts (e.g. business, home, social). Attendees will gain insight into the importance and roles of symptoms and root causes in everyday disagreement and tension. They will be given skills to analyze conflict situations they face in order to learn how to apply lessons from this (and other) courses. 

The main goals in this course are:

  • Understanding Disputes – The good, bad and ugly
  • Your Conflict Style
  • Escalation, de-escalation, conflict benefits
  • Sources of Conflict
  • Five Pillars of Conflict
  • Role of Communication
Conflict can be tangled necessity
  • Business: Help increase team cohesion; decrease turnover and lost/stolen time.
  • Family: Decrease misunderstandings and improve communication
  • Social: Help prevent escalation of arguments--such as political--and increase awareness

Who should attend? Anybody. This course aims to help attendees change their perception of conflict in order to take steps to effectively address it.

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