Jason Gladfelter

Principle; Director of Brewery Mediation Network

Jason Gladfelter has more than 20 years of experience in team leadership, management and customer relations positions through his extensive work in the retail, sales and training industries. He believes that a wide and varied experience base is key to finding, creating and developing solutions. 

His main focus in on Dialogue; engaging people with each other on contentious issues while being civil, open and honest.  He believes that asking tough questions is needed in any situation if progress is to be achieved and that a response is more important than an answer. 

In 2012, Jason initiated the Pub Dialogues in the Denver metro area as an effort to spread the word of the effectiveness of Dialogue and to actually engage it with the public. After seeing the success of the Pub Dialogues, and how the local breweries and brewpubs embraced it, Jason launched to Brewery Mediation Network in 2015 to bring conflict management to breweries to help them repair, manage and strengthen their “people ingredient”

Born in Topeka, KS, Jason studied History (Bachelor’s) at the University of Kansas (Rock Chalk!), Alternative Dispute Resolution (CAS), Conflict Resolution (Master’s) at the University of Denver,  and International Negotiation and Mediation in Prague, Czech Republic. His master’s thesis analyzed the correlation between the Northern Ireland Peace Process and the simultaneous public opinion polling. 

Jason served as a Conflict Resolution Specialist for Meta-Culture Consulting from 2008-09. He managed a diverse Indian and international client base, assisted in customizing training materials, delivered corporate trainings, and managed in-house training schedules and IT networks.

He served as a volunteer international on-line facilitator with Soliya.net for 3 years, where he coordinated online discussions with participants from around the world on topics ranging from Middle East tensions to personal perspectives of other cultures. He desires to pick this up again when schedules permit.

Jason is a Certified Cicerone® Beer Server, has extensive knowledge of the craft beer industry, has written more than 3,600 beer reviews, is a home-brewer and served as a store manager/beer buyer at a premier Denver wine and beer shop. He has volunteered at the Great American Beer Festival since 2005.  He interned at Coors Distributing Company in 2005 and the Center for Intelligence and Terrorism Studies collecting data on global conflicts. He has received mediation training from the University of Denver, Face-to-Face Mediation of Aurora, CO, and the International Institute for Mediation and Conflict Resolution’s international symposium in Prague, Czech Republic.