Brian S. Beck

Recognized Leader In Conflict Resolution

Brian Beck, Recognized Leader In Conflict Resolution

Brian S. Beck brings a unique ability to help clients understand the root causes of disagreements along with the coaching skills to help them find the most appropriate solutions. Brian is owner and co-founder of OvalOptions, LLC, a conflict-resolution consulting firm, and has led workshops and trainings on understanding conflict and problem-solving. He served as director of business communications for a rural health center in Limon, Colo., in 2007, and has worked with various organizations to improve internal cultures and work environments. His master’s thesis examined the conflicts that occur during organizational change initiatives.

Brian served on the Board of Directors for the Colorado Council of Mediators (CCMO) from 2005 to 2007, including as president in 2006. He currently is on staff and does volunteer work as a mediator for Jefferson County Mediation Services, and was the founder of the University of Denver’s Society for Conflict Resolution (SCORE).

Brian completed a master’s in Conflict Resolution from the University of Denver in March 2010, and has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Oklahoma State University and a Certificate in Alternative Dispute Resolution from University of Denver’s University College.