Dealing with Difficult People Seminar

Tuesday, October 4th 2016
Magnolia Hotel, Larimer Room (downstairs)
818 17th St, Denver, CO 80202 (3 blocks from the Colorado Convention Center)

The 2016 Great American Brewers Dialogue focuses on how to deal with difficult people at the brewery. From investors to owners to brewers to staff to customers, difficult people are not difficult to find. This seminar addresses why some people are difficult and how they affect others and their surroundings. It will introduce and examine skills to effectively deal with difficult people and situations. Participants will:arrogant

  • Discover where difficult people exist
  • Understand why difficult people are so difficult
  • Learn the best–and worst–ways of handling such situations
  • Explore their own conflict communication style
  • Learn the 5 Conflict Styles and how they can be applied
  • How to respond to People Problems

Why is this important to a brewery?

Many breweries are small, and personal interactions are quite common and important.


Personal experiences shape a consumer’s overall impression of the business; bad personal skills = bad brewery in the consumers’ minds. Bad reviews follow.

On top of that, brewers, owners, managers, investors and staff also interact behind the scenes. When these interactions become difficult, frustrated or cumbersome they can produce toxicity, and that hinders decision making, progress and problem solving. If this goes on long enough (and usually it does without much attention) turnover begins, sometimes to the point where the brewer or investors leave.

Gaining skills to effectively manage interactions with difficult people lays the foundation to improve interpersonal communications.  Improved communications decreases incidents of personal dispute and conflict, which can dominate a brewery’s time, energy, money and attention.  

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