You Have It. Conflict: An Introduction

Posted by Jason Gladfelter, M.A. on March 23, 2013  /   Posted in Communication During Conflict

You Have It.  Conflict: An Introduction

To help breweries better understand our services, we’ll start by clarifying conflict.  Conflict is a strong word, but it exists every day and offers opportunities for growth and progress…if managed well.  If it is not, conflict can incur devastating damages to relationships, communities and businesses.  Conflict is any instance where opposition exists, whether it is perceived or real, known or unknown.  It can range from disagreement on new recipes to Sales and Production disputes, and can be immediately or progressively destructive.  Fortunately, if managed properly, conflict provides opportunities for learning, growth, collaboration and progress. Without conflict, we would not have the wheel, medicine, comfy slippers or beer. It is vital to acknowledge when conflict exists (it can be latent for years) and know how to effectively address it.

Often, the issue at hand is a culmination of tensions. Conflicts are seldom unaccompanied. That is, they attach to relationships, emotions, businesses, finances and products. As such, management and resolutions must take into account these attachments. Sometimes a relationship is more important than the actual conflict, which can still be costly, and must be considered.  Conflicts are complex and no one universal method of management and resolution exists. Proper management requires special attention to each conflict.

Conflict consumes time and energy from the parties involved. This creates an attachment with the conflict and a resolution may include additional provisions, such as an apology, appreciation or reciprocation. Many win/lose resolutions beget feelings of resentment and animosity, which can only intensify latent conflict.  We assist the parties in searching for win/win solutions; answers that resolve the conflict, improve relationships, and are sensitive to finances.

OvalOptions is a conflict consulting organization dedicated to helping individuals, families and businesses find the most efficient and cost-effective means for dealing with disputes throughout the Denver Colorado Area

We have successfully helped businesses, families and communities find better options for resolving disputes in each of our four main services areas: business, community, family and court.

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