How do you motivate your employees? – Business Conflict Resolutions

How do you motivate your employees?

As a business leader have you ever thought about how you motivate people? Of course there is always the traditional way, I reward (pay) you to do your job, and give you no, or negative feedback when you don’t.

Of course this can work to a point but is this the best way?

Perhaps a more productive approach is to motivate your employees from within and in line with their core values.

For instance first it is important to put the right people in the right positions. Would you want someone working in your sales department who is an introvert and likely not comfortable around people?

In order to have people take ownership of their job it is best if they are motivated by there internal values.

An example: John or Mary enjoys connecting with people, finding solutions, educating people , or simply taking care of someone. These folks are likely to be a more effective sales people than Suzy or Jim who really like working with numbers and are less comfortable around people.

Yes they may be motivated by a paycheck but if they don’t love what they are doing and not feeling fulfilled internally will they really take ownership of their job?
When people are motivated internally they buy in to their work and in turn have more success which translates into happier employees, a more prosperous company and an overall healthier culture within the organization.

As an effective manager of people it is useful to take the time to identify the person for the position they are best suited. Just appearing to be qualified doesn’t mean they are the best fit for the given position.

Take time to ask the questions to understand what motivates the individual, what they like,what they are called to do and where they really feel connected in there work. This will give your employees and your organization the best possible chance for success.