Brewing Disagreement: Harmonizing Breweries’ Ingredients

Disagreements are inevitable within any business. Whether you are a brewer, owner or investor your views, thoughts, actions and knowledge will never be 100% compatible with everyone else’s.  It is common that the discomfort with disagreement influences the decision to avoid it, which only exacerbates the tension to cause long-term damage. This is no surprise, but it may be surprising that disagreements can actually benefit your business. Without differing perspectives, progress is stunted and the avenues of problem solving narrow.  Managing disagreements effectively is vital to this enrichment, while strengthening relationships and teamwork.

We offer services for a variety of disagreement structures and conditions to help owners, investors, and brewers maintain unity and vision within their enterprise.

 Core Services

  • Mediation: A sit-down discussion between two disputing parties with a neutral third party who facilitates open communication, problem
  • Coaching: A one-on-one training that provides and strengthens communication and inter-personal skills
  • sourcing, solution generation and agreement
  • Facilitation: For groups of 3 or more that can serve as a larger mediation, or as a group situation report to discover small disagreements and manage them before they cause damage
  • Strategic Planning: Facilitation of group meetings to develop, maintain, adjust and encourage medium to long term goals
  • Sit-down consultations

Each brewery is unique, as are the personal relationships within them. For a free consultation as to how OvalOptions can provide assistance to your business, please contact us or fill out the form below

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