Brewery Roundtable

When: First Tuesday of each month

Where: OvalOptions offices  4251 Kipling #500 (5th floor)

Who: Small businesses (owners, investors, managers, staff)

Time: 2-4pm

Cost: FREE!!

Group of people sit in a pub

A standing invitation to local breweries to participate in open discussions with us and each other about business operations, challenges, tips, resources, etc


These “in the round” discussions will be held in our training room (right). Feel free to ask questions of us and other attendees. OvalOptions will maintain confidentiality, and we ask of others to do the same–anything said in the room stays in the room.

OvalOptions facilitators keep participants focused and conversations engaging, stimulating and progressive. Participants can share stories and experiences, ask questions and raise concerns while being up to date on local industry news.

Outside food and beverages are allowed!



Brewing is a science, an art, and a business rolled into one with loads of moving parts. Picking the brains of others accelerates learning and enhances a business’s agency. Combined with some advice from OvalOptions, we hope these discussions will help the brewing industry continues to grow and stave off closures.