Brewing Beer for a Greater Good

Brewery Mediation Network collaborates to create a beer benefiting craft brewer and Colorado School of Mines Professor

On Friday June ­­10th, Dry Dock Brewery (South Dock) will be the first of four local venues to release a new craft beer in support of local brewer and Colorado School of Mines Professor, Dr. Paul Ogg, who was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of lymphoma. The three other places will be Declaration Brewing, Falling Rock Tap House and Comrade Brewing.  The beer, a German Helles, is based on Ogg’s own recipe and called P.D.Ogg Helles. It picks up where the Brewers Association’s #BiggestSmallBeerEver campaign left off. Proceeds from the Helles will go to support Paul’s family and medical expenses.

Dr. Ogg is a Golden, CO resident, teacher at Colorado School of Mines, husband, father of two young girls and the co-founder of Declaration Brewing – a labor of love for the 46 year-old from Iowa.  A microbiologist, who studied cancer while working on his PhD, Ogg knew what his cancer diagnosis in January 2015 meant.  He’s been fighting it since with aggressive and unorthodox treatment, while still working at CSM and being a husband and father, and opening Declaration Brewing with partners Greg Schlichting and Mike Blandford.  Blandford, who first was Ogg’s student before he became his business partner, together with many Ogg friends and associates wanted to support Ogg and his family through his beer.  Along with Greg, Alan Simons (Dry Dock), Chris Black & Beth Walter (Falling Rock), David Lin (Comrade) and Jason Gladfelter (Brewery Mediation Network), the idea has come to fruition: a bunch of friends helping another friend.

“About 10 years ago, Paul started teaching me about the finer things of brewing and beer. And apparently he’s taught a plethora of others as well,” says Gladfelter, Brewery Mediation Network’s director.  “Now he’s fighting for his life. The least we can do is help him and his family now, and hopefully others in the future.”

The original idea captured the attention of Andy Sparhawk of the Brewers Association. He then built into a promotion around the American Craft Beer Week’s annual celebration to garner attention for a large collaboration between breweries, celebrate the inclusiveness rather than the competitiveness that the craft brew industry enjoys, and of course to honor Ogg, who is considered an icon among beer aficionados in Denver and indeed across the country.  The outcome saw at least one brewery in each state make the same beer that had not been produced commercially. Called the P.D.Ogg Porter it became the #BiggestSmallBeerEver beer.  But the underlying reason is to honor Ogg and his dedication to craft beer.

Dry Dock Brewing Company, located at 15120 E. Hampden, Denver is proud to announce it will hold the first Release Party for P.D.Ogg Helles on June 10th.  Starting at 4pm, donations will be accepted and a silent auction will be available until 7pm.

Future release events will be held at Declaration Brewing Company, Falling Rock Tap House later in June, and Comrade Brewing in late July or early August.  From there, Gladfelter hopes more breweries will release and sell the beer to collaborate and support Ogg and his family.  Looking into the future, Blandford and Gladfelter would like to see the craft brew industry continue this cause throughout its community, forming a charity to help others like Ogg.

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