Breckenridge, AB-InBev Dialogue Invitation: We’re Ready!

A recent Op-Ed piece from Breckenridge Brewery and Anheuser-Busch InBev sought to express their perspective of the recent withdrawal by some Colorado breweries from the Colorado Brewers Guild, and the reasons these breweries gave for withdrawal.  Certainly readers and craft beer consumers will develop many interpretations of this piece. But we wish to focus on the invitation at the end.

“Sometimes the hardest thing to do is have an open dialogue. Rather than all of us running to a series of corners, perhaps we should come together for the industry, product and experiences we all deeply value and love.  We’re open, willing, and ready. Are you?”

If they are serious about participating in an open dialogue, we are absolutely ready. It’s what we do. Our professional practitioners excel in dialogue facilitation, dispute communication and problem solving.  We will gladly facilitate open dialogue with anyone and are excited to see such a public invitation.

Dialogue is not easy; honest opinions can be harsh and emotions can run high. But if they are ready, so are we. Just let us know!

Jason Gladfelter is the Director of the Brewery Mediation Network.

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