Brewery Development Roundtable

OvalOptions’ Brewery Development Roundtable (BDR) concentrates on the factors that enrich the People ingredient in your brewery:  communication, team building, leadership, listening skills and relationships.  Plus, attendees share brewing experiences while gaining skills to help them with their brewery team, customers, vendors, distributors and each other.

Brewery Development Roundtable engages two components: Facilitation and Education.

Facilitation OvalOptions facilitators keep participants focused and conversations engaging, stimulating and progressive.  Participants share stories and experiences, ask questions and raise concerns while being up to date on local industry news. (e.g. How do you like using Mosaic?  How is your water utilization? Do you use plastic kegs?)

Education  For each session OvalOptions provides tips and lessons in dispute management (teamwork, leadership, communication) to help members strengthen their brew teams and the development of an overall business ethos.

Each session utilizes these two components in a ratio determined by the members. That is, members can choose more discussion with facilitation and less training, or vice versa. Upcoming sessions will cover important aspects of team interaction and Dispute Resolution. 

Here is a basic outline of what upcoming Roundtable sessions cover:

  • Common roots of Dispute
  • Communication
    • Process
    • Speaking
    • Listening
    • Body language and other influences
    • Various mediums
    • Team Work
      • Team building
      • What affects teams
      • Interaction & work ethics
    • Leadership
    • Business and Personal
    • Strategic planning
    • Perception and lenses
    • Addressing disputes
        • Avoidance
        • Acquiesce
        • Competition
        • Compromise
        • Collaboration
        • Difficult Conversations
        • More…

      Who:            Anyone involved in a brewery. Owners, investors, brewers, front room, etc.


          – Facilitated discussions (stay on topic, rich inquiry)
          – Education of dispute management methods
          – Idea generation and sounding board
          – Feedback, criticism (giving & receiving), mutual assistance
          – Networking and knowledge exchange
          – Strengthen connections between breweries
          – Maintain community of brewers

      When:           A dedicated day per month (e.g. last Thursday of each month)

      FREE Second Session September 4th, 2014 at 7pm  (Thursday)

      Comrade Brewing Company

      Where:         Rotating between member breweries, OvalOptions office, or other venues

      Topics:          Flexible and various

      Reason:         When it comes to brewing education, there is considerable attention given to the technical aspects of brewing and some to financial and logistical factors of a brewery. Yet very little is afforded to the people who run the brewery, front to back.  This “people ingredient” encompasses communication, teamwork, interaction, leadership, connection, work atmosphere and personal interaction. This series aims to help remedy this problem by giving foundation lessons in human interaction and communications.


          • Inaugural and 2nd sessions are FREE
          • Yearly Enrollment: $240/year       ($20/month)
          • Pay as you go: $25 each session  ($300/year)

      Additional Value:

          • 30% off 4 hours of OvalOptions services (group facilitation, mediation, coaching, training) during membership year
          • 10% off additional services throughout the membership year

       SIGN UP


          • One membership per brewery per year
          • Breweries may send whomever they wish to each session*
          • A brewery need not be established (i.e. open) to enroll

      * while anyone from an enrolled brewery can be present at each session, we encourage small representation from each.  This allows for more freedom when speaking on sensitive topics, and more intimacy within group. With that said, we encourage each member of a brewery team to attend at least one session.


      We accept cash, check and credit card. Contact Jason for more information on payment and methods.

      Cash is the only payment accepted for “pay as you go” (i.e. those who pay at each session without a yearly membership). Payment per session must be received prior to the start of the session.


          • OvalOptions encourages open and honest communication during the Roundtable.  While criticism is beneficial, we ask that views and opinions remain civil. We also ask that receiving such feedback greets open minds
          • OvalOptions will not conduct on-site mediation or other separate services during these sessions for various reasons
          • All conversations will be considered confidential



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