OvalOptions is Expanding its Office and Services

In January, OvalOptions moved from its Denver office to the Clear Creek Office Building in Wheat Ridge. The new office has space for in-house trainings, conferences, meetings and dialogues. We extend sincere thanks to the Conflict Center for providing us office space over the last several years. The new location is significantly larger and provides several benefits to our clients.

OvalOptions will host events throughout the year and offer its rooms for others to use when appropriate. Having events in house increases their frequency and reduces costs. For example, the main obstacle that has faced the Great American Brewers Dialogue is finding an affordable venue that would allow inexpensive (or free) admission. The new space provides a remedy.

In addition to the new location, OvalOptions is rolling out two new services.

  • Workplace Investigation addresses sensitive and important personnel issues, such as allegations of discrimination, contested work assignments, co-worker conflict, sexual and other harassment, and disputes over reviews and promotions.
  • VENTIT™ combines the informational resource aspect of an Ombudsman office with dispute management and coaching services. Its three-tier approach provides clients’ staff a confidential avenue to vocalize, express and vent complaints to an outside party.  Callers can receive tips and guidance, and if needed engage more in-depth services.

For more information, please contact OvalOptions: Help@OvalOptions.com 720-220-8683