Jefferson County Mediation Set for Increased Footprint Under New Contract


Denver, CO (February 6, 2017)  Heading into its 24th year, Jefferson County Mediation Services (JCMS) is set to expand its reach and services under a new contract managed by OvalOptions for Conflict Management. JCMS, the largest community mediation program in Colorado, serving thousands of citizens each year, operates under a contract with Jefferson County to serve its offices, citizens, groups and businesses with mediation. The new contract with OvalOptions enables JCMS to expand its exposure, reach and effectiveness.

Mark Loye started JCMS 23 years ago and has grown it to manage 1,600 case/year. Further expansion requires more diverse and flexible capacities. Enter OvalOptions, a Denver-based conflict management firm of which Mr. Loye is co-owner. The sub-contractors utilized by Mr. Loye have been hired by OvalOptions, thereby affording them benefits and opportunities to enhance their skills and training without disrupting JCMS operations.

OvalOptions brings more resources to JCMS and other mediation programs, and seeks to increase JCMS case load by 20% and savings by 30% in 5 years. Key areas of expansion include mediation awareness, increased dialogue and enhanced communication skills throughout the community. Doing so helps alleviate court congestion, avoid and diffuse business disruptions, decrease lengthy lawsuits and minimize legal expenses for and within the county.

The JCMS program utilizes highly motivated mediators trained in mediation, who have varied professional backgrounds, including communication, education, environmental sciences, health, human resources, law, counseling and business.  In 2015, JCMS saved the county over $200,00 in actual costs, over $600,000 in cost avoidance and helped Child Support Services collect over $500,000 in child support payments. Find out more:

More about OvalOptions:  Based in Denver, CO, OvalOptions is a consulting firm focused on dispute resolution services operating in conjunction with, parallel to, and outside of the court system. OvalOptions helps clients find the most appropriate solutions for their situations. You can find them online at, on Facebook at or follow on Twitter: @OvalOptions.

OvalOptions is also the parent company of the Brewery Mediation Network, offering mediation and other dispute resolution and communication services to Colorado’s craft breweries.  Twitter: @BeerMediator