Internalizing Diversity and Inclusion for Craft Breweries

The Brewers Association recently published Diversity Best Practices for its members. This 5-part series is a great resource to help breweries with diversity and inclusion efforts. We encourage every brewery to at least consider such efforts laid out by the BA.

It is important to point out that with diversity comes difference, and differences can–and often do–increase conflict opportunities. This isn’t to say diversity is bad. On the contrary; a diverse team expands talents and problem solving, enables progress and exposes more people to more experiences. But only if it the differences that accompany diversity are managed properly.  Just having diversity is not good enough, and the BA knows this. 

In the A Diversity Framework for your Hands section (“hands” meaning your work team), the BA suggests using “training and other workforce education efforts to minimize bias and to productively anticipate and resolve conflict.” This is precisely what we do here at OvalOptions. Our services (mediation, training, consulting, coaching, facilitation) help clients understand, embrace and manage differences, thereby enhancing diversity and strengthening their team.

Additionally, the BA says, “Use organizational climate and job satisfaction surveys to regularly ‘take the temperature’ of your workforce.” Again, that’s what we do. Whether it’s a one-time survey, or through our VENTIT(TM) program, we help clients “read” their workforce, understand that reading, and suggest and provide methods that are appropriate for each situation.

Through our various services, we have helped breweries overcome significant challenges, from trademark infringement to partnership disagreements.