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VENTIT Helps with Internal Dynamics of Breweries

Posted by Jason Gladfelter, M.A. on May 18, 2017  /   Posted in Uncategorized

May 18th, 2017 DENVER, CO—In its ongoing effort to support craft breweries, the Brewery Mediation Network has developed a new program to help breweries manage their internal dynamics.  VENTIT® is designed as a “self-referral” process to connect brewery staff and associates with conflict management professionals at OvalOptions to address any frustrations or tensions that staff
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Please “Have a Beer” Responsibly

Posted by Jason Gladfelter, M.A. on May 06, 2017  /   Posted in Articles

The new #OpenYourWorld Heineken commercial is turning some heads. Instead of depicting upscale parties, a fun night out or just fun times between friends, it highlights the differences between people that make us unique, and which make us uncomfortable. Addressing and living with such diverse differences is a source of social and political tension. What this
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