2017 Great American Brewers Dialogue

Thursday, October 5th.  1-3pm

Bierstadt Lagerhaus 2875 Blake Street

Denver, CO 80205    [MAP]

 FREE Event. Limited Seating. 


It’s that time of year again when brewers from across the nation converge on Denver to…talk? Yes, it’s the 2017 Great America Brewers Dialogue and for our 5th year! we are going to talk about something a bit touchy, but important.

What is your brewery/brewpub/taphouse policy on staff enjoying beer on the job? Do they receive discounts? Maybe they have a set tab? Do staff engage in quality control and sampling? What are the benefits of staff enjoying beer either on the job or on premises after work? What are the potential hazards? 

Join other brewing industry professionals to discuss various policies, what has worked and what hasn’t, what impact does on-premise drinking have on individuals, consumers, business, neighbor and the industry, and more. The Brewery Mediation Network will facilitate this discussion, keeping participants engaged and on topic while challenging assumptions and digging deeper into issues.

We have assembled a panel of speakers who will provide brief presentations, but more time will be dedicated to Q&A and interaction with attendees. Speakers are:

Jay Stolkin.  Attorney. Dinsmore & Shohl LLP. Jay will speak about: Are breweries liable for the bartenders subsequent DUI/other arrest (dram shop analysis)?  Penalties for violating state laws which prohibit consumption by bartenders/managers.  Sample of state laws, including Colorado, California, New York, Virginia. Even where drinking is permissible by law, potential liabilities that may result indirectly from drinking on the job from an employment perspective.

Morgan Mahoney. Insurance Advisor. CCIG Insurance & Benefits. Morgan will address the insurance aspect and factors of alcohol in the workplace, how rates are affected, and the potential domino effect of claims.

Joel Peach. Co-Founder, CFO. Geeks Who Drink. Joel will discuss the challenges of managing weekly trivia entertainment at 900 venues in 44 states, including risks associated with sending a staff of 1,200 employees to perform at locations where alcohol is waiting to be enjoyed.

Allison Goico.  Dinsmore & Shohl.  Will speak about Labor and Employment law with emphasis on employment discrimination, wage and hour, non-competes and leave laws.  

Linda Rae Holcomb.  Owner of Gluek Beer. She is an internationally touring Certified Yoga & Nutrition teacher, teaching and lecturing at festivals and conferences all over the world. 

(Media reps please contact me for more information. See Q&A below) 

If you would like to speak about your experiences and have advice for others, please let us know. We can add you to the panel and/or Q&A portion.

This is not a “how to” session. We neither promote nor discourage policies. We want an open dialogue to share knowledge and examine an important issue.

And if you haven’t been to Bierstadt Lagerhaus, you must visit! Ashleigh and Bill crank out some great German beers (I ain’t kiddin’) and their Oktoberfest will still be available!  They share a building with C-Squared Ciders and the Rackhouse Pub. Beer, Cider, Food.  Feel free to come by early to grab lunch and mingle!

Please contact Jason@OvalOptions.com for more info and to register. Seating limited.



Q: When, where, time, duration?
A: Not yet set in stone: Thursday Oct. 5th. Bierstadt Brewing (River North area of downtown Denver). 1-3pm. That’s 2 hours!

Q: Who can attend?
A: Anyone who works at or owns a brewery, brewpub, or tap house

Q: Is this going to be confidential?
A: This is an open and free event. While we cannot guarantee confidentiality, we ask that participants exercise discretion afterword.

Q: What in tarnation is dialogue anyway?
A: Dialogue is an open discussion usually (and best) facilitated by a non-participant party. Unlike a debate, a dialogue focuses on understanding issues, listening to perspectives, brainstorming ideas and listening to every voice.

Q: Can media, press, or bloggers attend?
A: Normally, we would welcome any and all to GABD. But this topic has a sensitivity aspect to it. Sorry, no media, press, reporters, bloggers (unless they are employed by a brewery, brewpub, or tap house).

Q: Who else will be there?
A: We will allow representatives from the Brewers Association, states’ brewers guilds, and similar groups at our discretion.

Q: Will beer be served and will it be free as well?
A: Feel free to enjoy the goods from Bierstadt, C-Squared and the Rackhouse. But you’ll have to pay for them.  You can always come early and have lunch!

Q: Who’s idea was this?
A: We started the GABD years ago with our own gusto! This year’s topic was selected solely on our behalf. Bierstadt, C-Squared and the Rackhouse did not participate in this decision, and have no plans to censor us. They are not responsible for what is discussed during GABD.

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